What could be the problem when make gets into a loop in sax, continuously compiling facreg.cxx?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Mon Mar 5 09:01:59 PST 2012

> finally had time for a look


> the problem is this:

Great hints, will investigate.

> what gcc version do you use... oh, that's an unusual one :)

Hopefully clang will be more used also on our traditional platforms in
the future; after using it for a week or so to compile LO code, I am
already overwhelmed by the awesomeness of its diagnostics;)

Too bad if its dependency file generation has some glitch that derails
gbuild, but then, the exact semantics of those -M* switches isn't
formally defined of course, so implementations trying to behave like
gcc are bound to have slight differences.


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