Solaris linker version map annoyances (was: Re: LibreOffice / openIndiana ...)

Jonathan Adams t12nslookup at
Tue Mar 6 06:24:47 PST 2012

Also I had to undo a revision in the latest git to get it to compile:

  587  git diff a1410ef073d2117cb2a3c9d9a4e9ecff7d911344
90491a073c5b5faee782ad5eab63276fda2342e6 > /tmp/mkdir-p.diff
  591  patch -Rbp1 < /tmp/mkdir-p.diff

a change made in the "mkdir -p" which helps on cygwin, unfortunately
it now "mkdir"s files instead of "touch"ing them causing a very early
death to my compilation.

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