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Tue Mar 6 07:23:24 PST 2012

Dear LO Admins,

We are working on Open source Project <http://www.fina2.net/>where OOO 
Calc was usedfor report designer. Now we are going to migrate from OOO 
calc to LO Calc and need your help with following:

1.We are using OOO SDK 2.1 to register Calc Add in.

·Was new LO SDK changed significantly?

·Where is a docs we need to read before development?

2.We have used OOOBean [officebean.jar] for opening OOO Calc in Java 
Environment . Are you planning to develop officebean project? Where can 
we find docs and/or wiki materials?

3.One of the option we have is to use Libreoffice.org Calc Plugin 
connected to JBoss through web services (like this 
<http://java.net/projects/adempiereaddon> project). Could you please 
give us links on similar projects or “how to” doc?

4.UNO Interface- was it significantly changed?

Any Help , reference or support  highly appreciated.

Thanks, George and Dev Team
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