Migrating from OOO Calc to LO Calc | SDK, UNO, Officebean, Plugin

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Tue Mar 6 07:38:53 PST 2012

Hi there,

On Tue, 2012-03-06 at 19:23 +0400, libreoffice.ge at gmail.com wrote:
> We are working on   Open source Project   where OOO Calc  was used
> for report designer.  Now we are going to migrate  from OOO calc to LO
> Calc and need your help with following:     

	Great - where is your source code out of interest ? :-)

> 1.       We are using OOO SDK 2.1   to register Calc Add in.   
> ·         Was new LO SDK changed significantly?  

	It should not have been. One thing to bear in mind is that our xcu
(configuration data) parser is a lot stricter, so you need well formed
XML that matches the schema (which was not true in older versions). But
if you get that right things should be ok I hope.

> ·         Where is a docs we need to read before development?

	Assume that the docs are the same as before I guess, but they are here:


	bug reports / patches to the docs much appreciated.

> 2.       We have used OOOBean [officebean.jar]   for opening OOO Calc
> in Java Environment . Are you planning to develop officebean  project?
> Where can we find docs and/or wiki materials?   

	The bean should still exist, is still packaged, etc. There are a few
reports of problems with it, again fixes appreciated for that.

> 3.       One of the option we have is to use Libreoffice.org Calc
> Plugin connected to JBoss through web services (like this project).
>   Could you please give us links on similar projects or “how to” doc? 

	Not that clear what you want, you want mail-merge ? if so, you'd want
to provide something that looked like a database I suppose to provide

> 4.        UNO Interface  - was it significantly changed?   

	In a nutshell we should be backwards compatible with OpenOffice.org -
at least, this is what we try to be. Of course, there are always bugs we
need to find out :-)

	Hope that helps !


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