Questions about Bug 33773 (chart)

Thorsten Behrens tbehrens at
Thu Mar 22 02:43:57 PDT 2012

Markus Mohrhard wrote:
> Thorsten, is there a preferable namespace for our custom
> elements/properties? Something like libo:?
Hi there,

if you implement ODF extensions, please also update

with as much information as possible.

As for the namespace, we have a healthy mixture there, what I
generally like better than individual product names is something
like 'calcext', 'chartext', 'msointerop' etc -

Also note that the namespace prefix is ~arbitrary, every odf
producer can pick whatever it likes - the namespace urn is what
counts, e.g. something like


looks appropriate - or, if you want to publish some actual content
(RDDL or whatnot) about your new namespace, an actual url like

would work (personally, I'd go with the former, though).



Thorsten Behrens
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