gsoc 2012 idea,Java Guifor Libreoffice based andriod app

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Sat Mar 24 10:58:56 PDT 2012

Dear everyone,

     I am vivek nalla , first year undergraduate student from bits pilani
institution india.Since i am a fresher out of school, i didn't get a chance
to contribute to opensource. Now i am very much passionate about
contributing to opensource because of the freedom and flexibility of the
software product and most importantly community and shared knowledge . I am
very much fascinated by open source philosophies .so I decided to
contribute a very long time to the open source.

  Luckily i found an excellent opportunity  to contribute to opensource and
libreOffice  grabbed my attention as its community members are very kind
 and helpful particularly to the freshers like me,a place where we can
learn a lot.So i decided to contribute to libreOffice for a long time even
gsoc 2012 completion .

 I am very  much interested in the project suggested by libreOffice  Java
Gui for LibreOffice based Andriod app.I have very good understanding on
object oriented language design and principles .I have worked on some
projects in java of which many are out of my own interest but i am not at
advanced level in andriod .Since passion and learning is the key  to
success in gsoc , i will learn more advanced andriod features along the way
of working for the project.Any way i am lucky to have good community of
LibreOffice to help me learn new things .

 Also i would like to ask you about the details of the project as the ideas
page contains very abstract idea. I will be grateful to you if anyone could
help me tell what actually the goals and milestones of the project so that
while preparing the Student Application Template i will plan and organise
the tasks of the project.

                   Thank you.

vivek nalla.
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