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Mon Mar 26 04:20:53 PDT 2012

Hi Vivek,

On Sat, 2012-03-24 at 23:28 +0530, vivek nalla wrote:
>      I am vivek nalla , first year undergraduate student from bits
> pilani institution india. Since i am a fresher out of school, i didn't
> get a chance to contribute to opensource.

	Great to meet you.

>  I am very  much interested in the project suggested by libreOffice
> Java Gui for LibreOffice based Andriod app.

	Ok - so this is really quite a substantial task :-) I would set about
getting a cross-compile from the feature/android branch, by following
the README.Android instructions. I'd want to be sure you could follow
the steps and effectively build and run that in the emulator :-)

>  Also i would like to ask you about the details of the project as the
> ideas page contains very abstract idea. I will be grateful to you if
> anyone could help me tell what actually the goals and milestones of

	So - of course, you'll need to think and come up with some of this
yourself. What do you think is achievable in the time, and so on. Having
said that, Tor's abstract is just a tad abstract ;-)

	There are a number of things that need doing there, Eagles may have
produced at least a start of something here. We're going to need to
produce a shell that deals with pages as a series of tiled bitmaps I
suspect, allow flipping between them, thumbnailing of pages etc. there
is a chunk of work in making that work nicely - and this is primarily
what the task is about.

	The heavy-duty guts of rendering a word processing document are not
your problem for this task :-) you should treat that as a black-box that
presents you with a set of pages of a given geometry, and renders them
to pixels / bitmaps for you.

	Does that make sense ? Tor - I hope that's what you intended, I'll
update the task page to say the above ;-)



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