ancient openssl bundled

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Tue Mar 27 09:28:12 PDT 2012

> As soon as you get Microsoft to install system openssl library, you
> can probably do that, in the mean time

This is a general problem on such esoteric platforms which have no
package management. It's an distro issue, nothing in the scope of 
individual applications.

Instead of everyone bundling hundreds of (often outdated) libraries,
the generic solution is quite simple: create a generic package
management system for that platform and then let it handle all.
Cygwin might be a good starting point for that.

> If your intention is to update the internal opensssl, then the best
> is to do that in a bug in our bugzilla

No, I absolutely don't intend that.

I've already seen that reaction coming. Seen the same in dozens over
dozens of other projects in the last 15 years. None of these projects
ever agreed do solve that problem once and for all by a generic solution
(cant even count how many mails I've already written on that topic),
but prefer to burn resources on practically maintain their own distros
for just their application. So, I finally gave up to invest more time
and brain capacity here.

I see two practical options here:

a) we start working on an distro-based build machinery (which is not
part of the LO application, but a layer above - just like all the
GNU/Linux or *BSD distros do) and drop all the 3rdparty stuff from LO

b) continue to burn resources on maintaining the 3rdparty stuff forever,
including all the hassle of LO-specific hacks, backporting security
fixed manually, vulnerabilities due not properly maintained 3rdparty
packages (let's be realistic: we won't have the resources to be as
fast and good as the major distros here, anytime soon)

If you choose option b, I won't take part in it, but do my own fork.


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