[ANN] LibreOffice 3.5.2 RC2 test builds available

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Mar 29 11:10:38 PDT 2012

>> On a opposite trend it would be great if the installer ASKED which
>> dictionaries should be installed (like Abiword' installer does), while
>> suggesting the most obvious (based on locale)

My *personal* fear is that if we start doing these kinds of
suggestions, we will get into nasty nationalistic arguments...

"We here in Freedonia certainly don't need any Sylvanian dictionary;
we will never forget how they destroyed our Holy Bicycle of Yendor at
the Glorious Battle of Strawberry Fields in A.D. 567!"

On the other hand, not suggesting any except that for the UI language
selected, also opens up a Pandora's Box, "Don't you idiots know that
Baklavian is also an official language here in Equatorial Kundu, all
EqK citizens are required by law to be able to write documents in
either languages, this is an insult to the Kundu People!"

Better to just include them all, always. And if they show up as
"extensions" in the GUI, that is a bug that should be fixed. If they
don't show up, less people will fear the Disk Space Eating Monster of
Unused Stuff.

I repeat, this is my personal opinion, it doesn't necessarily reflect
that, if any, of my employer, wife, dog or other entity, living or


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