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Sat Mar 31 08:58:13 PDT 2012

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Em 31-03-2012 12:44, kud360 escreveu:
> And Mr. Hallot , I have done that. I found the HELP documents refernces ,
> studied some code in the vcl module , and did some changes accordingly in
> the files , and it was working like a charm. 

That is exactly what it was to be done. Great you made it. I am building
master ATM to test your patch.

Also , it takes really long
> time to build on my machine ( like 20 - 30 mins ) on every make dev-install.

you should only run a full build and then

make starmath

to test your changes in starmath module. That should not take more than
30s to get it built.

> All modules except the last 2 or 3 are skipped during the build process
> because there were no changes in them , but the last 2-3 modes seem to take
> a lot of time .. I have a core i7 processor and run the make with 2 jobs per
> cpu , using 5 cpus , ( using all 8 , crashes my virtualbox )

A muscled machine that should do it way faster with the proper commands.

About the blanket mail, here is what you must do:

send a mail to *this* list with

subject: License statement

"All my contributions, past and future, to LibreOffice are licensed
under the terms of the MPL / LGPLv3+. "

your name and e-mail

Once we get this mail, then we can apply your patch to the master branch.

Congratulations and welcome do LibreOffice development.
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