Submit patch, be patient

Jeremy Brown jeremy.r.brown at
Thu Nov 8 06:50:02 PST 2012

Reading the wiki page on submitting patches, it says that after
submitting patches, we should be patient.

"Be patient while waiting for review.
While many core developers are paid to work on this project full-time
or nearly so, our increasing number of committers and patch reviewers
do this in their precious spare time. So, please be patient when your
patch does not get reviewed right away."

I am wondering if you have been submitting patches for a long time
could give an average timeline of how long it usually takes for a
patch to be reviewed, and how long it is good to be patient for before
wondering if something went wrong or your patch was missed, e.g. 1
week, 1 month, 3 months, ...

Part of being patient is having reasonable expectations.


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