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LibreLogo is a new experimental module of LibreOffice for a simple,
Logo-like programming environment in Writer: a lightweight wrapper – 1400
lines in Python/PyUNO – to the embedded Python of LibreOffice and a Writer
toolbar extension.

My LibreOffice conference presentation:
Feedback from Cor Nouws:

Goals of LibreLogo:

Teaching of computing
• Programming (free, portable and modern native Logo alternative with
Python data structures)
• Word processors (text editing, image handling)
• Migration to free software (LibreOffice)

• Simple programming interface for graphic design and DTP (for example, see
this B2 chess poster created in LibreOffice Writer for the upcoming
conference of Hungarian IT teachers:

LibreOffice development
• Test bed for graphical features and PyUNO
• Attract more future GSoC etc. developers for LibreOffice (in Hungary, the
Logo programming contest has got 2500–3000 participants/year:

Thanks to András Tímár, now it's possible to localize the English manual
and the commands/warning messages of the LibreLogo environment, too. I will
post a longer article about LibreLogo soon.

Best regards,
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