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Thu Nov 8 23:11:15 PST 2012

Yifan web based support is already in the works. Michael Meeks is
conducting that work, but its not ready for use yet.

On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 8:05 AM, Yi Fan Jiang <yfjiang at> wrote:

> Hi Randolph,
> Unfortunately my first response is NO.
> The development might be for fun, but I didn't see a persuasive
> reason of why we need one browser in a office suite. IMHO, in that case
> we seem not to improve foreseeable usability, functionality or
> productivity
> to the suite, will we?
> Instead, in an other way, I'd rather to put such an effort in improving
> Libreoffice by put it into a browser, while obviously it is another thing
> to
> discuss.
> Best wishes,
> Yifan
> >>> "Randolph D." <rdohm321 at> 11/09/12 5:05 AM >>>
> Dear all,
> after some talks with some board members, the request rised to include
> more members and developers in the idea of adding a browser to Libreoffice.
> We know this needs time and work, but would not be impossible to add it to
> the installer and create a place to be for it, and see, how the community
> reacts to it and requests more interaction. This security orientated webkit
> browser would be a good codebasis for that:
> Any pro or cons from anyone? No person in the office works today without
> the internet, the consequence is, an office suite needs or could provide an
> open source browser. Anyone interested to test or join the idea or
> recommendations for the steps to plan?
> Regards Randolph
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