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Thu Nov 8 23:20:04 PST 2012

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for bringing it up, yes I was keeping an eye on that for quite a while :) 
That is one of the most impressive and exciting features whenever I introduced 
to people the experiments (broadway) in different premises. So I guess it would 
be great to have more people getting involved.

Best wishes,

>>> Jonathan Aquilina <eagles051387 at> 11/09/12 3:12 PM >>>
Yifan web based support is already in the works. Michael Meeks is conducting that work, but its not ready for use yet.

On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 8:05 AM, Yi Fan Jiang <yfjiang at> wrote:
 Hi Randolph,

Unfortunately my first response is NO.
The development might be for fun, but I didn't see a persuasive 
reason of why we need one browser in a office suite. IMHO, in that case
we seem not to improve foreseeable usability, functionality or productivity 
 to the suite, will we?

Instead, in an other way, I'd rather to put such an effort in improving 
Libreoffice by put it into a browser, while obviously it is another thing to 

Best wishes,

>>> "Randolph D." <rdohm321 at> 11/09/12 5:05 AM >>>
Dear all,
after some talks with some board members, the request rised to include more members and developers in the idea of adding a browser to Libreoffice.
 We know this needs time and work, but would not be impossible to add it to the installer and create a place to be for it, and see, how the community reacts to it and requests more interaction. This security orientated webkit browser would be a good codebasis for that:
  Any pro or cons from anyone? No person in the office works today without the internet, the consequence is, an office suite needs or could provide an open source browser. Anyone interested to test or join the idea or recommendations for the steps to plan?
  Regards Randolph
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