[tdf-discuss] Adding the browser to Libreoffice

Kevin Salisbury KSalisbury at twinman.com
Fri Nov 9 06:06:32 PST 2012

+1 to Tim below. IMHO if we're on the topic of adding another program to LibreOffice - Project Management (PM) should be considered over adding yet another open source Browser. I'm reasonably certain there are not enough resources at the moment to do this - at least not without partnering/forking one of the existing open source PM projects.

I can see the point behind working with one or more of the open source
browsers to better integrate libreoffice with the browser. I can even see
the point of offering that browser as part of the download, but I am not
convinced that writing yet another open source browser is a good idea. It
seems a waste of developer resources and it would be unlikely that enough
good developers could be attracted to do the work in order to compete with
the established projects.

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