[tdf-discuss] Adding the browser to Libreoffice

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at vnc.biz
Thu Nov 15 01:37:30 PST 2012


> +1 to Tim below. IMHO if we're on the topic of adding another program
> to LibreOffice - Project Management (PM) should be considered over
> adding yet another open source Browser. I'm reasonably certain there
> are not enough resources at the moment to do this - at least not
> without partnering/forking one of the existing open source PM
> projects.

Which featureset would you like to see in such an extension ?

Wouldn't it be easier to just pick some existing solution
(eg. we're using Redmine) instead ?

>From what I see in the industry (mid- and large-size enterprises),
the big trend is going to web-based applications. Several of our
customers even dropped their local MUA's (in that case: Outlook)
completely after we've replaced their Exchange by Zimbra.

So, it seems that business customers tend to prefer web applications
(possibly with customer-specific integrations to 3rdparty systems)
over local applications.

In general, I'd point out two argumentation lines against adding
fundamentally new functionalily of such kind:

a) featureset and choice

Different users have different requirements (the ugliest of all is
ERP world, where everybody seems to have its own or at least heavily
cutomized system). Therefore we should give people the choice and
instead add some optional integrations via generic interfaces.
(eg. people that like to use lo as a dashboard, they could use some
extension that display interesting informations like ticket lists,
timelines, etc from an prjm-system, or a list of new mails in some
kind of lo-integrated xbiff counterpart)

b) economical

Developing such new functionality from start up would essentially
duplicate existing applications, require a lot of resources and
expertise, which is most likely is not availble to lo project.

By the way: in case you're going to work on some integration to
systems like redmine, plone, openerp, zimbra, just let me know,
I'd like to join in.

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