binfilter removed in LO 4.0 : how to communicate on this change?

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at
Sat Nov 10 01:33:43 PST 2012

Hi Andras,

Le 10/11/2012 10:00, Andras Timar a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Baptiste,
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 8:17 AM, Jean-Baptiste Faure
> <jbf.faure at> wrote:
>> - release a complete list of legacy formats which are dropped. Is there
>> something else than sd? formats (StarOffice 5 formats) ?
> It affects only old binary formats of StarOffice 5 and earlier versions.
Ok, that reduces the number of affected users ;-)
> BTW shoudn't we remove traces of binfiler from filter/, too?
> "cd filter && git grep BF_" gives a lot of hits.
Yes, that would make the things more clear.
>> - what the user can do with its old files: I think it is not enough to
>> say "you have to convert them with an old version of LibreOffice". For
>> example, I have old sdw and sxw files in my laboratory diary and I do
>> not want to lose their modification date if I convert them in ODF. What
>> should I do and what advice I could give to an end-user who is in the
>> same position?
> sxw and other XML based formats are not affected.
Indeed, the master is still able to open my sx? files.
> I opened an old sdw file (rsc\doku\feinkonz.43\rsc.sdw from
> LibreOrfice source) and it did not have modification date, In fact it
> had no metadata at all. Are you sure that this format supports
> metadata? Of do you mean the modification date at the file system
> level? touch -r file.sdw file.odt
Yes, I mean the modification date at the file system level. I know that
some images converters are able to convert photo from a format to
another without changing this date. So it is probably possible to do the
same for old documents.

My problem is to have all necessary informations to help end-users to
keep their old files/data in a readable format without losing important
informations. I think the modification date is one of them.

Best regards.

Seuls des formats ouverts peuvent assurer la pérennité de vos documents.

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