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Le 2012-11-09 03:16, Jan Holesovsky a écrit :
> Hi,
> Michael Meeks píše v Čt 08. 11. 2012 v 16:39 +0000:
>> 	+ bundling libre logo ? (Andras)
>> 		+ cf. motivational mail to dev list
>> 		+ around 200k with icons license etc.
>> 		+ is it useful for office suite users (Stephan)
>> 		+ useful for school children&  fun in draw
>> 		+ not eager for bundled extensions
>> 			+ built it into the core (Stephan)
> It is a bit unclear here; I think the "not eager for bundled extensions,
> built it into the core" was more a general statement than resolution of
> the LibreLogo bundling - like, I understood it so that if we decide to
> bundle an extension, it should be on the basis that the long term goal
> is to integrate that functionality into the core.
> I myself would prefer not to bundle LibreLogo, but instead improve our
> extension download / installation experience in general - like some
> 'featured selection' of extensions that we would be able to show in the
> Start Centre, or something.  Of course, until it happens, why to block a
> nice feature :-) - but I don't think we should make its toolbar visible
> by default, which consequently means that very few people will know
> about that anyway; something that is more easily fixable (blogging,
> etc.) if it is an (unbundled) extension.
> All the best,
> Kendy
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As an elementary school teacher who ran a FR logo clubs and EN logo 
clubs with Canadian gr. 6-7-8 students, I can tell you already, there is 
no need to add this as a bundled extension. Logo is no longer taught in 
our Math programs (I am extremely sad about this). But, my point is that 
LibreLogo is just too much of a specialized bundle that most teachers 
would expect to find as an extension and not as a bundled extension. 
Lego Robotics are more popular at the elementary/secondary panel and 
there is usually funding available for hardware/software purchases from 
local sponsors for it.

As a teacher, I would rather see more clipart available in Gallery. I 
can't tell you how many times the students asked me if there was more 
clipart available. At least the additional clipart would be available to 
100% of the users whereas LibreLogo only for a very select few.



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