Platform ports vs. multiplatform

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Thu Nov 15 11:57:48 PST 2012


> > * drop all bundled libraries that are already available on
> >   mainline distros
> note that most of that can be handled by a proper file in
> ./distro-config/.

yes, but at least according to debian/ubuntu build rules, that 
doenst seem to be enough. (debian's rule file is over 3k LOC)
> > * simplify the import logic (eg. use pkg-config whereever possible)
> > * drop all specific logic for other platforms
> what is the benefit of that, except creating busy work for you ?

For now, at least some hacking fun, learning a bit more about the lo
internals and maybe in the end a much simpler build system.
The whole operation gets more intersting when done for multiple
platforms. I'll start w/ win32 once i'm done w/ gnu/linux.

> > * drop EPM stuff
> --disable-epm  ?

I'm talking about dropping it completely in my branch.
By the way: what is this actually used for ? Not sure about the
other distros, but Debian+friends dont seem to use it.

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