reorganizing ./configure --help output ?

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Thu Nov 15 13:16:02 PST 2012

Hi folks,

is it possible to reorganize the ./configure help options
into several groups for easier reading ?

For example, things like 

* --enable-verbose / --disable-verbose
* --disable-zenity
* --enable-icecream
* --disable-ccache

could go into its own group, eg. "Build process tuning",

* --enable-bogus-pkg-config
* --with-macosx-sdk
* --with-macosx-version-min-required
* --with-macosx-version-max-allowed

could go to group "MacOS specific"

What do you think about this ?
How can this be done (I've already seen it in other packages,
but unfortunately dont remember where it was ;-o).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards 

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