Calc / Kerning

Bernhard Schiffner bernhard.schiffner at
Wed Nov 21 12:50:01 PST 2012

> 	Cool :-) so one area we're trying to get people to help-out with before
> the feature-freeze for 4.0 (which is now under 2 weeks away) is:

Read it now (11-21-12). I like this type of work.
But not for 4.0 (I must become common with the tools first.)

> 	Converting old & ugly dialogs to the new .ui format - there are plenty
> of older dialogs in calc (and elsewhere) that need that attention, any
> chance of having a poke at some of them ?

(Do some make a difference here?)
As example:
cat sc/source/ui/src/popup.src
IIUC this file needs a couple of *.ui to be built based on it.
Double check with cui/ ... first, check for dead entries, add usefull comments: 
it will take some time (for me).

> It seems the re-work of the
> calc / string handling core is rather an advanced post 4.0 feature :-)

Seems so.
> 	All the best,
> 		Michael.


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