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Fri Nov 16 12:48:28 PST 2012

Am Freitag, 16. November 2012, 14:25:46 schrieben Sie:
> On 11/16/2012 02:18 PM, Bernhard Schiffner wrote:
> > What about this:
> > While it seems very "bloated" to  carry all rich text formating _inside_
> > formula cells, it might be possible to create an overlay using advanced
> > formating _outside_.
> > Think of this as having a separate spreadsheet (linked 1:1 to the
> > generating spreadsheet) with the "only" property to add formating to the
> > pointed results. (Export as text -> reformat)
> > 
> > Do you see a chance to solve the problem this way?
> Sure.  But this would require a re-design of a non-trivial part of the
> Calc core.  Basically we would have to remove use of EditEngine and its
> friend and re-implement Calc's own rich-text handling framework.
That's not worth it.

State of the onion (IIUC):
-  If you input a string into a cell you can apply rich text format by graphic 
- Most of the times (=<function> is parsed, ...) this rich text is 
automatically transformed into an other, internal format more suited for 
spreadsheet needs. 
- This conversation is triggered too if you do format->cell.
- After this transformation is done there is no easy way back to RTF.

1.) Is it possible to "text-edit" a text cell directly entering something like 
{\b Bold}?
2.) Copy and paste from other rtf sources?
3.) Is there a way to do so by (external) software?
4.) What's about something like =cell(resulting_string, A1)  be it API or 

Thanks for the quick response and your patience!


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