Broken commits in our repo

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Sun Nov 18 08:24:59 PST 2012

Hi folks,

while trying to push to github, I've encountered trouble with
broken commits: github always runs fsck on post-receive,
which fails due to broken commit metadata, and upload will
be rejected. See commit


Optimally, we should correct this, but unfortunately that would
would conflict existing tags. So how can we do that ?

My idea would be writing some git-filter-branch based script
which runs through all branches and tags and stores the new 
ones with some suffix, eg. ".FILTERED", additionally add the
old ones (which have been rewritten) with suffix ".BACKUP".
Then we would rename the (active) filtered branches to the
official names (eg. master.FILTERED to master) and rebase the
unfiltered ones ontop the filtered ones in case of someting
was forgotten. The really tricky point is concurrent writes: 
we need some maintenance downtime window where no new pushes
are allowed, so nothing gets lost in the process.

When everything's done, we'd do an announcement that people
should drop their copies of the tags (and do necessary steps
for potentially _local_ tags) and rebase their downstream

What do you think about this ?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards 

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