what's the problem with system cairo ?

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Mon Nov 19 00:53:36 PST 2012

Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> Why not ? There are so many gtk-applications running fine in KDE.
> IMHO (not an KDE-user so didn't check it), the l+f will be just
> like Qt. 
I doubt that. Also there's more KDE platform integration than just
the GUI. As long as there's someone actively maintaining that
(relatively small) part of the code base - which is the case - it is
really not a question that we do want to keep that. In fact, it is
rude to suggest otherwise.

> > Why would you consider that kde and gtk are the same 'platform' and
> > Mac and Windows are not from a UI perspective ?
> [snip]
> My idea was, consolidating to one crossplatform widget toolkit for
> *nix as the first step, which should be pretty easy. Later also
> consolidate the other platforms (not sure how complex that would be).
> By the way: anybody working on porting the gtk or qt vcl to win32 or mac ?
Making platform experience worse for the overwhelming majority of
the user base (mac & windows) does not sound like a winning

Then again, helping us to reduce application code coupling with our
GUI toolkit & improving user experience by making dialogs more
malleable is clearly a worthy goal - see Caolan's talk here


, as currently the major hurdle to any changes in GUI platform
abstraction is the ton of code relying on vcl implementation
details. Would be awesome to get a helping hand with that. 


-- Thorsten
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