GTK theming: oxygen-gtk support broken

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Mon Nov 19 14:45:17 PST 2012


> Some time after my commits, which enabled almost fully correct
> oxygen-gtk support (latest commit was on Jul 8 2012), this support
> was
> broken. See screenshots at [1], [2], [3] and [4] for details.
> Those who hacked on GTK theming support since Jul 8 2012, please have
> a look at this. If you think it's oxygen-gtk which should be fixed,
> not libreoffice, please report the particular problems to
> (product=Oxygen, component=gtk2-engine). I'll be
> happy to improve things on oxygen-gtk side.

IIRC, this provides KDE look+feel using Gtk, right ?
That, IMHO, could count as argument for dropping Qt/KDE vcl.
(see my other postings about vcl's/widget toolkits)

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