Shared Mac build host (was: Re: Funding Wishlist)

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at
Wed Nov 21 06:53:41 PST 2012

It would be best if TDF owned outright at least enough hardware to be
able to to a release on all supported platform..

so I do agree with Thorsten request ot acquire a MAc, but I would also
add the need for a TDF owned windows box.

In fact I thing we should have a pair of each. one that cna be 'lent'
to dev to allow them to debug/test things for bug that they cannot
reproduce on their own hardware
and one with much more restricted access to capable of building anf
signing release build.... the later can also double as release branch

money wise... we would have to 'buy' the Mac box.. since I don't know
of any hosting provider that rent these... but the windows one can be
'rented' in a hosting facilities.
What make financial sens is left to infra + BoD to decide.


PS: the Mac do not need 10.4 SDK.. by the time they are online we will
have moved to 10.6 minimum SDK... and for 10.4 - compatible future
maintenance version we can get by as we do today.

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