fdo#51004: some progress and 10 years old bug pending

Mat M matm at gmx.fr
Fri Nov 23 08:16:42 PST 2012

Le Fri, 23 Nov 2012 09:19:31 +0100, Stephan Bergmann <sbergman at redhat.com>  
a écrit:

> On 11/23/2012 03:36 AM, Mat M wrote:
>> What about MinGW when building this ab driver ? Should I use WNT zips ?
> With "zips" you mean the prebuilt deliverables from module moz that LO's  
> configure machinery can download from  
> <http://dev-www.libreoffice.org/mozilla/> (see MOZ_ZIP_* in ooo.lst.in),  
> to avoid having to build module moz?
> I'm not sure producing the relevant zips for MinGW has ever been  
> exercised by anybody (there are at least none at  
> <http://dev-www.libreoffice.org/mozilla/>), or whether building module  
> moz on MinGW actually works at all.  (What I'm pretty sure does /not/  
> work is to use the WNTMSCII*.zip files for MinGW.)

If we consider MinGW not to build mozab, then I will also disable this  
case. For now, I only limit to _os=WINNT, which include MinGW32

>> If yes, how do we mark as deprecated the other ones ?
> What do you mean with "other ones"?  Deprecating what where?

We have Linux and OSX zips in [1], which are useless since mork is  
running, IIUC.

>> Based on the fact we do not build moz now, can someone confirm we could
>> remove moz/makefile.mk with ooo_mozab and keep moz/zipped/makefile.mk
>> with moz_unzip ?
> If we continue to need the deliverables from module moz on some platform  
> (as we do for Windows), I would strongly suggest to keep the machinery  
> working that allows to produce those deliverables by actually building  
> module moz from scratch (i.e., the moz/makefile.mk part).  The ability  
> to shortcut building module moz by using prebuilt deliverables (i.e.,  
> the moz/zipped/makefile.mk part) is for the convenience of people  
> building LO, but it should IMO be strongly considered secondary to  
> building from scratch.  (After all, if we remove the ability to build  
> from scratch, we are doomed with rotting zips that we can't regenerate  
> when need comes.)

OK. so I will keep it for windows and do some cleaning, removing all  
non-winnt stuff.

>>  From the Stephan's mail, I conclude --with-system-* are restricted to
>> _os != WINNT or _host_os != cygwin.
>> That I was not aware.
> To clarify, I did not mean to imply that --with-system-* must not be  
> used for Windows.  I just tried to explain why many of those switches  
> likely don't work there and nobody bothers.
I get the point :)

[1]  <http://dev-www.libreoffice.org/mozilla/>

Mat M

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