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Mat M matm at gmx.fr
Mon Nov 26 17:18:13 PST 2012


Le Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:32:51 +0100, Matúš Kukan <matus.kukan at gmail.com> a  
> You could have.. I just wanted to let people know here what I am
> working on to be sure nobody will be strongly against (maybe it was
> pointless)

The more the better :-)

>> - Add a block to test for the need of the tarball in configure.ac
>> if test "$need_foobar" = "yes"; then
>> fi
> Not really.
> We use BUILD_TYPE to determine which modules to build (although this
> information is often redundant with SYSTEM_FOO)

Ah. yes, but without setting the BUILDTYPE with a pattern that matches the  
tar name, how do you trigger the download ?

> But their names now must be defined in download.lst.
> For mozilla stuff I've used MOZ, for libxmlsec you could use DESKTOP
> but it will be needed for build platform anyway (and downloaded)

Sure but you did not set BUILD_TYPE next to PREBUILD_MOZAB="YES", so they  
won't be downloaded, IMO (somewhat related to my previous question, btw)

>> Improvement:
>> Since you check for wget or curl in configure, I would set one variable
> This would make configure more complicated, I did not want to do that.
> IMHO configure is just for very basic stuff and exporting variable
> name for command sounds fine I think.

Moreover, I missed that the commandlines are completely different and the  
gain is lost here.

>> FETCHTAR that will be used in fetch_Download_get_command instead of  
>> having
>> if'ed define (BTW, why 2 underscores in function name ?)
> 2 underscored are just a habit from gbuild.
> We use <namespace>_<class>_<'public'-method> or
> <namespace>_<class>__<'private'-method> defines in gbuild.

TY !
Nice to write somewhere for the next generation :)

> Example gb_UnoApiTarget_add_idlfile vs. gb_UnoApiTarget__add_idlfile
> in solenv/gbuild/UnoApiTarget.mk
> Thanks for your careful review, it's really cool.
Thanks for the detailed reply.

Mat M

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