rename the URL for feedback to something more positive

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Wed Nov 28 12:24:44 PST 2012

rename the URL for feedback to something more positive
Change-Id: Iea248eeb3c3eacf9b0f123daa52516f5c1f0259c 

- ::rtl::OUString sURL("" +
utl::ConfigManager::getAboutBoxProductVersion() +
+ ::rtl::OUString sURL(""
+ utl::ConfigManager::getAboutBoxProductVersion()

I have a question for a code above: what is a purpose of this change? This
Send feedback instead of File a bug ATM redirects to Bug Submission
Assistant anyway and IMHO Bugzilla is a bug tracker software, not a feedback
system. Does this mean that preparations for a LibreOffice Feedback system
started and it is going to be available in near future like for instance I triaged many support only
questions or complaints in Bugzilla and hope to not get more of them in the
future (this is unnecessary noise). If this is not what is happening then we
should use the right words in the source code. Bug is a negative word if not
fixed only :).
Best regards.

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