rename the URL for feedback to something more positive

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It is changed for that idea, also discussed in fdo#44795[1]. But
creating the full as mozilla has for 4.0 isn't possible. My idea is a
first setup for this. For now I would like to create a page with links
to Bugzilla,, users-mailinglist with nabble and
maybe a web IRC-client pointing to #libreoffice. But I wanted to ask
the Design and QA-team for their ideas also.

This weekend I added the URL with Florian to the configuration that it
points for now to the BSA.

I went forward with pushing this as I would like to use the new URL in
4.0. I also didn't know of the problem you discribe. But the name of
the link it points to wil now also be consistent with the name used in
the menu of LibreOffice. In the menu we are suggesting that you can
send any feedback to the URL we send you to. As the URL is a
rewrite-rule not many people see the URL. So I thought this wouldn't
differ much.

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Rob Snelders


Op 28-11-12 21:24, bfo [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] schreef:
> rename the URL for feedback to something more positive Change-Id:
> Iea248eeb3c3eacf9b0f123daa52516f5c1f0259c
> - ::rtl::OUString
> sURL("" +
> utl::ConfigManager::getAboutBoxProductVersion() + +
> ::rtl::OUString 
> sURL("" + 
> utl::ConfigManager::getAboutBoxProductVersion()
> Hi! I have a question for a code above: what is a purpose of this
> change? This Send feedback instead of File a bug ATM redirects to
> Bug Submission Assistant anyway and IMHO Bugzilla is a bug tracker
> software, not a feedback system. Does this mean that preparations
> for a LibreOffice Feedback system started and it is going to be
> available in near future like for instance
> I triaged many support
> only questions or complaints in Bugzilla and hope to not get more
> of them in the future (this is unnecessary noise). If this is not
> what is happening then we should use the right words in the source 
> code. Bug is a negative word if not fixed only :). Best regards.
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