Revisit [REVIEW 3-5] some shape position skew

Noel Power nopower at
Thu Nov 29 07:02:02 PST 2012

Hi Eike
On 29/11/12 14:06, Eike Rathke wrote:
> Hi Noel,
> A good test was always to insert a comment near the bottom of a sheet,
> e.g. at a cell in row 1048570, and see where it is drawn and where the
> arrow points to. Earlier versions still had this 1-2 rows off further
> down, I don't have a build with your changes yet to check.
aha you have discovered another bug then, it seems that when I create 
the note/comment
the arrow is off, but then after changing the zoom it is good ( shows at 
correct spot ) and stable thereafter :-) hmm zooming
this close to the bottom of the document is painstakingly slow, I wonder 
have I made it worse or was it always bad
>> and as poor as the subtitles are they took
>> me half the day to figure out how to do them
> Btw, what software did you use for the subtitles?
gnome-subtitles but... all will be revealed in a further mail, kohei 
asked for a step by step ( well actually he wants a wiki entry but lets 
start with a mail )


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