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Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Thu Nov 29 09:20:45 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 04:45:57PM +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:

> * Release Engineering update (Petr)
> 	+ 4.0 timeline: Monday: feature-freeze ...
> 		+ please let Petr know if you're late

I'm late on the fix for fdo#53281 (*biiig* performance problem in Base
created by the fix to fdo#47520).. Worked on it during HackFest, but
did not finish :-(

One can see it as a bugfix, but "big" changes that may create a
cascade of bugs :-| FWIIW, I wouldn't want to backport this to 3.6.

According to my early testing of reverting the fix to fdo#47520,
fixing this one will make fdo#51976 moot. fdo#51976 is a ~20% slowdown
in HSQLDB, we can live with that (especially since the alternative way
of doing stuff that is faster for HSQLDB may be slower for other
database engines...).

As to fdo#51976 (performance problem in Base linked to Java version
and/or crossing the C++/Java barrier)), dunno. Another ~36% loss with
JVM 1.6_26, but out of the sky with JVM 1.7.0. At least, fixing
fdo#53281 will give us a clean slate to look into this one.


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