<can been solved> Very slow cold start due to mass of Spelling Dictionaries

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 11:06:02 PDT 2012

Hello Fernand,

2012/10/3 Fernand Vanrie <sos at pmgroup.be>:
> The annoying slow cold start is simply due to the mass off Spelling
> Dictionaries who are standard installed as Extensions.
> After deleting the not-needed maps in the share/Extensions directory, LO
> start in a Glimp. We had complains from our users  (compared to OO) , so we
> made a script to delete most off this Dictionaries and now they love LO :-)
> It could be handy to explain the reason off the slow start and deliver a
> tool  for the less technical users ?

LibreOffice will not install all dictionaries by default starting from
version 3.6.3, so your problem has been solved already.

Best regards,

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