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HI Michael, Fellow Developers

Em 04-10-2012 05:48, Michael Meeks escreveu:
> 	Beyond that - one of the big design / UI directions we want to move in
> is away from direct formatting - ie. forcing a font to be of a given
> name, and text to be 'bold' etc. Instead - we badly want to move in the
> direction of making style based editing (of course, we can have styles
> that match bold / other-fonts) easy to understand and use.

I beg to discuss these ideas on a broader audience, because I deal with
end users, 99% dumb users, 1% less dumb, and for 99% there is no chance
to understand what a style is, and LO is @#$#@$% them off because it
tries to do better, clever and smarter than they able to cope.

What they get with MSWord is a paper-saving 1920's Remington typewriter,
with an imbecile formatting job, and an acceptable printed output at the
end. That is what counts for these 99%.

Direct formatting is what these 99% want and if they don't get it, they
don't know what to do with LO. We are asking too much from them.

So, IMHO, the UI should have a switch for 2 kind of users: One for the
99% with the most infantile interface for direct formatting, and the
second for the 1% with a full throtle document processor.

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