gerrit is missing work in progress feature -- was Re: Change in core[master]: WORK IN PROGRESS gbuildification of jfreereport

d.ostrovsky at d.ostrovsky at
Thu Oct 4 02:30:03 PDT 2012

Quoting "Norbert Thiebaud (via Code Review)" <gerrit at>:

> Norbert Thiebaud has posted comments on this change.
> Change subject: WORK IN PROGRESS gbuildification of jfreereport
> ......................................................................
> Patch Set 1:
> please to not use 'WORK IN PROGRESS' in the commit title
> use a review -1/-2 + appropriate comment instead to indicate that
> ditto for the TODO section is the commit message body
> the risk here is that this kind of less than helpfull commit title  
> end-up in the git repo... fixing the code is a matter of another  
> patch.. but fixing the commit message of a commit after it has been  
> push is not an option

as already discussed on IRC is review -1/-2 completely wrong here
(well from my point of view!).
Actualy gerrit is missing that WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) feature.
With Draft no one can see it unless you add reviewer explicitly.

With WIP you want visibility, (possibly) earlier feedback and even  
tinderbox checks.

In fact if you think gerit is lack some feature, then first thing to check is
what the gerrit's power users did - openstack project:

open stack guys patched gerrit and added WIP feature to it!
We should probably just pick their gerrit version:

WIP patch, but still checked by CI Server:

WIP why:
If your code is not ready for review, click "Work in Progress" to  
indicate that
a reviewer does not need to review it for now. Note that the button is  
until you login the site.

WIP how:

WIP where:


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