[REVEIW 3-6] fix import/export of column widths fdo#55623

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Oct 4 09:12:53 PDT 2012

It seems that when both importing and exporting xlsx column widths were 
mishandled, so on import the wrong column width was calculated. To make 
things worse when exporting the conversion used strange ( hardcoded 
fudge ) calculation. So not only ( even when using same or metrically 
equiv fonts ) would the export fail to give the correct result to excel 
even when reading back the exported document the column widths would be 
different ( and smaller ) Hehe if you were patient enough to do enough 
modify/saves with an xlsx document you probably could make your column 
widths shrink to practically nothing

please think about cherry-picking 


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