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Thu Oct 4 03:46:05 PDT 2012


Sorry but sea my inline comments
> On 10/03/2012 05:14 PM, ls.discipulus.dei wrote:
>> Dear Libre Office devs,
>> You are doing an amazing job for developping such great software :-),
>> but I have a suggestion to improove Libre Office:
>> I am a teenager going to school and we often need to exchange files (we
>> have pcs in every room). We have then compability issues, thus I need to
>> export to pdf.
>> Pdf has become our international format, so I would like to *be able to
>> save as pdf, edit it and save it again (also automatically)*.
> Note that this mailing list is about developing LibreOffice.  For 
> questions like yours there are better channels at 
> <>.
> Anyway, what you can do is export to PDF with "Embed OpenDocument 
> file" ticked on the General page of PDF Options.
here the original format-size is not respected and make this option unusable
> That way, the PDF file contains an additional "hidden" version of the 
> contents in LibreOffice's native format, and when you re-open the PDF 
> file with LibreOffice, it automatically uses that additional data to 
> allow editing.
please make PDF a accepted graphic format as svg, jpg, tif etc.....
> Stephan
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