Trying to build on Windows, multiple target patterns

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at
Mon Oct 15 23:48:23 PDT 2012

On 15 October 2012 20:40, Jeremy Brown <jeremy.r.brown at> wrote:
> #1
> My current problem is that I run make and it runs for a while and then
> dies in tail_build with an error like this:
> D:/Dev/libo/libo/workdir/
> *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

Oh, this one is probably new, related to
changes in solenv/bin/concat-deps.c :
What is in D:/Dev/libo/libo/workdir/

Tinderboxes do not suffer because they use --disable-dependency-tracking
You can use it if you do not intend to do incremental re-builds later.
If you add it to autogen.lastrun, also remove workdir/*/Dep

> #2
> Another question: I'm looking at Tinderbox, and if I'm trying to tell
> when a good time to build is, which Windows column should I be looking

W2008R2_16-minimal_build and Win-x86_6.
if Win-x86_6 fails in smoketest, that's "fine", you'll be able to build.

> at? Also, is there any way to find out what build options (e.g. in
> autogen.lastrun) those builds are using, so I could try to copy them?

in full log, search for: 'running ./configure with'

> #3
> or this line:
> error CS1548: Cryptographic failure while signing assembly
> 'd:\Dev\libo\libo\workdir\\CliLibraryTarget\cli_basetypes.dll'
> -- 'Error reading key file
> 'D:\\Dev\\libo\\libo\\solver\\\\bin\\cliuno.snk' -- The
> system cannot find the file specified. '

This is bad, missing dependency, but it may disappear on next make, or
make cli_ure


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