Trying to build on Windows, multiple target patterns

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I've done a sucessful build using this steps:

Also had to apply this patch:

Hope it helps.


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2012/10/15 Jeremy Brown <jeremy.r.brown at>

> I'm trying to build LibreOffice on Windows. I tried about a year ago
> but gave up because I couldn't figure it out. In the meantime, I set
> up a VirtualBox Kubuntu install and was able to build LibreOffice
> there. No big deal, but it's the first time I've ever really make'd
> something on Linux with LibreOffice's level of complexity.
> Anyways, I'm back to trying to build on Windows because I realized
> that the thing I'm interested in trying to 'fix' works just fine on
> Linux, and the difficulty is Windows-specific, so I really need a
> Windows build to test if what I'm doing works or not.
> OK, so I've been trying to build LibreOffice on Windows from master
> following the directions in the wiki, but I'm having a lot of trouble.
> I've tried being as careful as I can getting it all configured right,
> but maybe I missed something.
> So here are 4 sort of related questions...
> #1
> My current problem is that I run make and it runs for a while and then
> dies in tail_build with an error like this:
> D:/Dev/libo/libo/workdir/
> *** multiple target patterns. Stop.
> I saw this pop up a few times too when I was trying to make various
> modules independently.. They would die with:
> ....../LinkTarget/[Static]Library/foobar.lib.d:123: *** multiple
> target patterns. Stop.
> Does anyone recognize what this could be caused by?
> #2
> Another question: I'm looking at Tinderbox, and if I'm trying to tell
> when a good time to build is, which Windows column should I be looking
> at? Also, is there any way to find out what build options (e.g. in
> autogen.lastrun) those builds are using, so I could try to copy them?
> #3
> In my failed build on Windows, can anyone tell me if I should be
> concerned about these types of messages which I'm receiving quite a
> few of
> LinkTarget Library/glib-2.0.lib not defined: Assuming headers to be there!
> D:/Dev/libo/libo/solenv/inc/shlinfo.rc(55) : warning RC4003: not
> enough actual parameters for macro 'PPSX'
> C:/PROGRA~2/MICROS~1.0/VC/include\stdlib.h(772) : warning C4068: unknown
> pragma
> Command line warning D9025 : overriding '/DNOMINMAX' with '/UNOMINMAX'
> or this line:
> error CS1548: Cryptographic failure while signing assembly
> 'd:\Dev\libo\libo\workdir\
> \CliLibraryTarget\cli_basetypes.dll'
> -- 'Error reading key file
> 'D:\\Dev\\libo\\libo\\solver\\\\bin\\cliuno.snk' -- The
> system cannot find the file specified. '
> #4
> Finally, in tandem, I'm looking into the idea of cross compiling a
> Windows binary from Kubuntu (or whatever) based on the information
> here:
> Is this a valid route for hacking on and testing a Windows build? Can
> I build and then copy files over to a Windows machine and run
> LibreOffice there?
> Thanks for any pointers anyone could provide.
> Jeremy
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