Error on rebuild in Windows "cp: missing destination file operand after"

d.ostrovsky at d.ostrovsky at
Tue Oct 16 03:39:15 PDT 2012


Quoting David Tardon <dtardon at>:

> Hi,
> On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 11:38:28AM +0200, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
>> On 10/16/2012 11:14 AM, d.ostrovsky at wrote:
>> >the easiest way to sort this out would be to add a check in
>> >for that:
>> >if --with-lang="en-US" then fail or unset WITH_LANG, right?
>> No, the easiest thing should be to fix
>> solenv/gbuild/  I understand that the other David
>> is doing that.
> Maybe not the easiest, but the most correct :-)
ah, well, if we are talking about the correct way ...
then we shouldn't play these games with such a construct
MODULE_FOO_LANGS := en-US $(filter-out en-US,$(gb_WITH_LANG))
any more but introduce a new variable gb_WITH_LANG_OR_DEFAULT
and use it in all places instead.

I mentioned it already in comment in readlicense_oo module during  
gbuildification ...
but didn't do it myself ;-)


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