Error on rebuild in Windows "cp: missing destination file operand after"

Flavio Moringa flavio.moringa at
Tue Oct 16 04:28:06 PDT 2012

Option 1 seems fine....

I understand that my problem was a stupid one... but it happened
nevertheless because I had already did a autogen with "en-US pt" and now I
only needed "en-US" so I just removed the "pt"... didn't even remember of
removing the full option...

If it get's fixed all the better so that stupid options like mine are taken
care of :-)


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2012/10/16 Stephan Bergmann <sbergman at>

> On 10/16/2012 01:16 PM, David Tardon wrote:
>> Yes, that is all what is needed for this particular problem. I just
>> assumed that there might be further problems :-) And I was right,
>> because we handle such situation differently in different places. gbuild
>> classes generally expect that WITH_LANG is empty in en-US-only build and
>> add deps on localize.sdf's if it is not. But translations are not built
>> if WITH_LANG=en-US, so the build fails anyway. So there are two
>> possibilities:
>> 1. let --with-lang=en-US behave in the same way as if --with-lang
>>     was not used at all
>> 2. let it behave as if any other single language was used--build
>>     translations, even if they are not needed, etc.
>> I could probably invent arguments for both ways, if I cared enough.
>> Because I do not, I am going to push option 1 (i.e., unset WITH_LANG, as
>> David suggested). If anyone disagrees, feel free to revert and change
>> and translations/Module_** the other way.
> Ah, yes, I missed the bigger picture.
> Stephan
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