Reality Check - Windows Java Accessibility API non-functional for ALL LibreOffice 3.6.x releases to date

David Tardon dtardon at
Fri Oct 19 00:48:40 PDT 2012


On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 06:23:01PM -0700, V Stuart Foote wrote:
> David,
> Nominated the fdo#53474 as a most annoying for 3.6.  It is a regression from
> 3.5 and has been with us now for four build/QA reviews.
> Not sure of the etiquette but are you willing to take assignment of the bug? 

Provisionally, on the condition that the patch really fixes the problem
:-) I am going to step back immediately if it does not, because I do not
have Windows, so I have no means to debug it.

> The Java Accessibility testers (JavaMonkey and JavaFerret) are pretty
> simplistic, but appear on a par to the Accerciser  test tool for Gnome ATK
> AT-SPI--not sure why they would not have be invoked in QA process.
> Unfortunately, with both the MSVC and MinGW Tinderbox builds of Master not
> currently producing usable builds no way to test your patch.  Any chance of
> getting a nod from fellow devs to push down to a 3.6 build and come at it
> that way?

I guess that would not be a problem (except to actually round someone to
review the patch, because nearly everyone is at the conference).


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