Windows installer issue

Mat M matm at
Sun Oct 21 05:20:30 PDT 2012


I tried to  build an msi with all the 109 languages. It failed  
(surprisingly ?).
Actually, they may be other issues, but the makecab failed with this  
error: Data-size or file-count exceeded CAB format limits
which I could understand, but that's not my point.

In the log, I saw many warnings about mis-named variables (mainly typos)  
which I can't fix because I didn't manage to know where they come from  
(lost in all .mk files :-/ ).
Any pointer welcome.

Also it tries to:
Removing for this language  

Comes from, it somehow replaces spaces by _ in the whole  
language list. Maybe an issue related to last fixes related to languages ?


Mat M

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