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Johan Henriksson mahogny at
Tue Oct 23 04:17:25 PDT 2012


I want to propose a new feature to OO. One of the final tasks when writing,
for example, grant applications, is polishing the language. OO currently
has a thesaurus feature which is very useful for killing off repetitions,
but it can be taken to a new level.

* First, the word count should be supplemented with a more elaborate dialog
that counts the occurrence each word, and shows them sorted by count. This
helps finding the most annoying words and systematically eliminating them.

* Second, it would be great if this dialog could help underline the words
in the document to make it easier to find them. Usually proximity rather
than count is the problem, thus a quick overview would help.

* Third, and this would be several notches over the competition: it could
try and highlight any word that is repeated too many times or in too high

I suspect at least the first two items are rather straight-forward and
would add great value to the software


Johan Henriksson, PhD
Karolinska Institutet
Ecobima AB - Custom solutions for life sciences

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