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Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Thu Oct 25 10:13:46 PDT 2012

Hi Laurent,

thanks for your advice and support.

> did you have a look there
I got this far:
But XMergeable dosn't have dataArray, Yes, I know how to find it now.
Its in XCellRange or such.

Where is a list about all functions which are provided?
I digged into the source, then I knew that there is no str_replace.
But there should be easier ways.
Try googling for 'mysql functions'
First hit is this:
and you're done.

Great - where is the documentation about python?
Right, ctrl-f browser search does not help. You have to follow the
"scripting" link. I'd add the keywords python,javascript,beanshell there

> i assumle you already identified this ressource (IDL reference)

Now is openoffice still the wiki to be used for libre office?
If I want to make changes to the wiki does this mean that I have to test
what I do with both: OpenOffice and LibreOffice?

Then the first thing I'd made explicit is adding the word "LibreOffice"
to the start page so that everybody knows that its a "common wiki" for
both projects:

On Wikipedia (or somewhere else) I've read that libreoffice and
openoffice deviated that much that a merge is very unlikely - that
features are manually copied, that all major linux distributions support
libreoffice - and that for licensing reasons its likely that more devs
will contribute to libreoffice in the future.

So where can I find the information about the roadmap - how the
libreoffice wants the future to look like?

I mean I have to know to which wiki to contribute.

I understand that OpenOffice has undergone many changes (Oracle, now
Apache, ...)

Its just making it difficult for me to judge where to contribute.

I may even consider contributing to the documentation etc.
So what would be the way to go? Contribute to both: OO and LO?

What is the majority on this list doing in such cases?

Thus if ""
is the page I was missing or disregarding - how to reference it at

Marc Weber

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