converting Windows libraries (does librsvg work?)

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at
Wed Oct 31 03:50:15 PDT 2012


When building external libraries with gbuild, we need to export symbols somehow.
Linux - gb_Library_set_visibility_default avoids -fvisibility=hidden
-> all symbols are visible
OS X - maybe it does not know hidden symbols ?
Windows - you need to use DEF:name-of-.def-file.
example: neon/
The .def file is somehow generated with dmake,
so when converting, just adjust it; git add; and add to makefile.

It's nice that librsvg has been converted, but does it also work ? (I
can't test it)
For example in 'about' dialog you should see nice background, but
without librsvg nothing (I've tested this on Linux)
(btw: the code is in vcl/source/components/rasterizer_rsvg.cxx )

All the best,

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