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Hi Adam,

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 06:23:57PM +0300, Adam Fyne <Adam.Fyne at> wrote:
> Regarding the previous mail – I just wanted to check something – I used MSO
> to convert the DOCX to DOC, and MSO Word said : "if you save as DOC you
> will turn alignment tabs to normal tabs".
> I saved it and it looks the same. LO opens the DOC correctly, and when
> saved back to DOC or DOCX – it looks fine.
> I just did this check because I wanted to know if maybe the 'DOC' importer
> has a 'ptab' implementation, but obviously it doesn't – because Word itself
> converts it from a 'ptab' to a 'normal tab' when saving as DOC.

Right -- so that's also a way to handle the situation, you can do
similar mapping of these paragraph tabs to normal tabs in dmapper, and
then you won't have to deal with paragraph tabs anywhere else in LO.
Given that such a mapping probably loses information, you need to choose
between correctness and ease of implementation. :-)

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