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Adam Fyne Adam.Fyne at cloudon.com
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There is a bug I am trying to fix regarding line numbering.

In Word, a line numbering node typically looks like this:

It seems like the DOCX importer does not make use of the imported 'w:start'
attribute (it is imported

What I saw was that in the function
there is a check if "m_nLnnMod" is set.

The function also looks at "m_nLnnMin" when setting the

However, this "m_nLnnMin" is set in only when the parser reads the

In addition, the "m_nLnnMod" is set only when the parser reads the

Am I correct to assume that these values are read only in the DOC importer,
and not in the DOCX importer?

Is it true to say that DOCX attributes are always 'NS_ooxml::….' ?

If I am correct – when I parse the 'start value' in the relevant '
node, should I simply mimick the behavior of the 'NS_sprm::LN_SLnnMin'


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