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Thanks to David who debugged what's going on in Gerrit with watched
changes that contain a file:^regex rule (it never worked for me with
something like file:^sc/ ) I'm now happy with a slight but important
modification: the expression, unlike other regular expressions, needs to
match the entire path, so this file:^sc/.* actually works, only for
e-mail notfications and not in My Watched Changes, but at least
something.. so

Under Gerrit Settings go to Watched Projects

Project Name: core
     Only If: file:^sc/.*

or whatever module(s) or file(s) you want to watch. After having clicked
the Watch button check the appropriate boxes for the notifications you
want to receive.

Note that the documentation under
file:^REGEX says "The entire regular expression pattern, including the
^ character, should be double quoted when using more complex
construction (like ones using a bracket expression)." Whatever "more
complex" is, I suggest to quote the expression whenever it uses not only

For available expressions see

Happy Watching


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