[GSoC] Impress Remote Protocol

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Fri Jul 5 04:38:35 PDT 2013

Hi Siqi,

On Fri, 2013-07-05 at 12:59 +0200, Siqi Liu wrote:
> I've been working on the iOS app and I'm wondering if it's better for
> users to actually see the first slide before click on the "start
> presentation" button? 

	Certainly that would be much richer graphically :-)

> Here is a screen shot of what I've implemented for now, that is, once
> paired, users will be brought to this page and on the top, users can
> have a quick preview (first slide for ex) of what will be displayed on
> the PC. That way users are sure about what will be displayed. 

	Sounds great to me.

> For now, the server end will not send previews until either the user
> hits the start presentation button, or the PC side starts it. 

	IIRC this may be an artifact of the UNO interfaces involved - it was
prolly easier to code this way. Also - if you have multiple
presentations loaded concurrently, there might be some fun ergonomic
issues :-)

> Besides, we can actually start sending these previews once we are
> paired can't we? At least for the first several slides, so that users
> don't need to wait for the previews transmission when they start the
> presentation. Did I miss something here?

	It's a great idea; I'd love to see that. Prolly it intersects nicely
with Artur's work around protocol expansion - I imagine we'd want to
have new methods to query the open presentations, get notified when new
ones are opened, and render the first slide of each (?).

	I guess we would want to either have a special-case method to get all
previews of open slide-decks (and notification of when that changes).
Adding a new integer index (eg.) of "which presentation" to all 'get
preview' methods is likely to cause grief around re-numbering them /
sticking with the same presentation when others are loaded in the
background I imagine (?).

	Anyhow - nice work with the iOS remote ! :-)



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